Providing leadership in Christian distance education through resources, community, and promotion

ACCESS is the name for The Association of Christian Distance Education. In its earlier days, the name matched the acronym but over time, it was determined that the message of accessibility more accurately reflected our mission. It was decided to keep the acronym ACCESS but simply change the association's name.

is the leading network of Christian institutions, organizations and individuals characterized by a commitment to make education more accessible through online, mobile, and digital means.

ACCESS is made up of institutions of higher education, organizations that provide church-based and para-church training, and individuals involved in various forms of Christian distance education. Institutional members include seminaries and colleges with distance education programs, colleges and programs that focus on adult learners, distance education institutions, and other agencies that provide curriculum or support for leadership development and lay training.

ACCESS recognizes that the need to provide education extends beyond any single delivery system. Some members utilize the latest technology for online seminars, while others rely on correspondence courses with taped lectures and printed study guides. Individual members are leaders in the field of innovation and effectiveness in education.

ACCESS has recently shifted some priorities and is now poised to provide renewed direction for this field. Our mission statement serves as a rationale for why we do what we do as a professional association. Our purpose is to provide leadership through resources, community, and promotion.

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